Rocket Pro TPO Announces Several New Tech Initiatives

Rocket Pro TPO, the division of Rocket Mortgage working exclusively with independent mortgage brokers, recently announced several innovations to help brokers grow, strengthen and protect their businesses.

“We believe true leaders help brokers succeed. They view the world with a limitless mindset. The mortgage market is huge, the pie is nearly infinite and it’s our responsibility to help the brokers who work with us get a bigger piece of it,” said Austin Niemiec, Rocket Pro TPO executive vice president, in a statement. “Today’s announcement is about breaking barriers and building bridges—helping brokers leverage the tools, resources and knowledge Rocket Mortgage has built as the nation’s largest mortgage lender.”

Rocket Technology

Brokers’ clients can now use a brand-new Rocket Pro TPO Client Portal to upload and eSign their mortgage documents. The brokers will also be able to choose how to brand the portal—they can have their brand stand alone or co-brand it with Rocket.

Rocket Pro TPO has been piloting this new client portal with its Pinnacle Partners the last several months and will be onboarding more partners each week until the national launch in December. Just like with all Rocket technology, the team will be continually innovating, acting on feedback and growing the resource.

Rocket Pro TPO committed to deliver $100 million of Rocket technology to its broker partners in 2021. The lender has delivered many tools, including Pathfinder, the proprietary mortgage guideline search engine; Rocket Connect, providing brokers communication with underwriters and operational leaders directly in the broker portal and Rocket Pro TPO’s new pricing calculator that can deliver brokers a pricing estimate quickly and easily.

Rocket Network
Rocket Pro TPO will now help its partners connect with more real estate professionals and leverage those relationships to grow their businesses.

One of the ways brokers can meet more agents is through Rocket Homes, a technology-driven real estate service provider. Starting this week, when Rocket Homes connects homebuyers with one of its partner agents, the company will also introduce select buyers to one of Rocket Pro TPO’s Pinnacle Partners.

Rocket Pro TPO is also connecting brokers with real estate agents through “Pro Mixers,” networking events where brokers can benefit from the agent relationships Rocket has forged over the last 36 years. The first Pro Mixer will be in November with 200 real estate agents and Rocket Pro TPO partners coming together in San Francisco. The company will be sharing details of other Pro Mixer events across the country in the months to come.

As Rocket Pro TPO’s partners grow their relationships with agents, the company is actively ensuring those relationships are protected. If a broker partner closes a loan with a real estate professional, Rocket Mortgage will not proactively reach out to the agent. To manage this, Rocket Pro TPO has built a proprietary tracking engine, which will be featured in the broker portal, detailing which agents each broker is working with to ensure those relationships are protected.

“We know our broker partners work hard to establish connections with local real estate professionals and we want to protect those relationships,” Niemiec added.  “We will honor these connections, while also leveraging our Rocket platform to help brokers create new partnerships. The truth is, there is plenty of business for everyone to be successful in the mortgage market and this is yet another example of Rocket Pro TPO’s commitment to invest in our broker partners.”

Rocket Marketing
Rocket Pro TPO is launching a completely rebuilt Marketing Hub, providing marketing materials right in the broker portal. The new Marketing Hub has been redesigned to be more intuitive, searchable and easier to use. It also provides more customization, giving brokers the ability to change the font, color and images on marketing materials to fit their brand. Brokers can also easily create marketing materials that use their own brand, or co-brand with Rocket or their real estate partners. There is also a new learning center that gives brokers advice and training so they can use their marketing budget to generate more business.

Rocket Connect
To make sure all loans keep moving forward, Rocket Pro TPO is adding two big enhancements to the tool. The company committed to an industry-leading, two-hour response window for all Rocket Connect inquiries. In addition, Rocket Connect now gives brokers the ability to immediately escalate to Operations leaders. The new additions to Rocket Connect are now live in the Rocket Pro TPO broker portal.

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