How Technology Is Transforming the Home Inspection

Ensuring confident homeownership and adding value to the client experience underpin the latest innovative features in home inspection. Buyers who are more informed about the home they’re considering, are more likely to be comfortable with their decision in both the short- and long-term. Even in today’s often overheated market, the opportunity for client education should not be overlooked.

Virtual tours are a growing part of the buying and selling experience for good reason. But what if the concept of a virtual tour is applied to the home inspection to create an enhanced virtual visual inspection record? Areas of concern indicated during the home inspection can be highlighted visually so clients are able to clearly see and understand conditions that need to be addressed. These visuals can also be easily shared with qualified professionals for estimating recommended repairs. You will also save time by reducing the need to make repeated visits to the property.

Expanded client knowledge about a home is good for them and good for you. Knowledgeable clients have greater peace of mind which reflects well on you, too. Applying new technology in the home inspection and reporting helps clients with their buying decision and provides information and resources they can use now and long into the future.

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