Don’t Spend on Moving Boxes: How to Get Them for Free

If you’ll soon be moving, start thinking about where you’re going to get moving boxes to transport your belongings.

Unfortunately, purchasing moving boxes can quickly burn a hole in your wallet. Here are some places you can go to get yourself some moving boxes for free!

Local Grocery Store
These are great places to find the large, recycled boxes they use to stock their shelves with bulk deliveries. Simply ask your town’s grocery store if they have any boxes that you can take home with you.

Work Office
Offices generally receive constant deliveries. Ask your mailroom or managers to set aside a few for you.

Liquor Store
Just like a grocery store, liquor stores regularly get bulk deliveries. Whether it is a case of liquor, wine or beer, these deliveries often come along with large boxes.

Big Box Store
Big stores, such as Walmart or Home Depot, are constantly stocking their shelves, leaving them with plenty of large, spare boxes. Call their customer service line to explain that you are moving and looking for some boxes.

You can find pretty much anything online these days, especially on websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Search in the “for sale” categories, under “free” to find some great steals on almost every size box you’ll need.

Moving, no matter how far, is a big undertaking that you can’t really avoid. Skip the expensive movers and save yourself some money by finding some free moving boxes.

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