Seller’s Market

4 Potential Deal Killers You Can’t Afford to Ignore

January 10th, 2022
If you’ve watched the news recently, you’ve likely seen stories of remorseful homebuyers who waived a home inspection to get their offer accepted. Buyers who move into their new home and find themselves facing significant unforeseen expenses are not likely...

Transitioning From a Seller’s to a Buyer’s Real Estate Market

July 8th, 2022
Over the last handful of years real estate markets across the country have favored home sellers. Over the last two years it has been absolute nirvana! Sellers have called the shots and have soundly taken them. Home sellers have had...

Is the Housing Market Normalizing? One Sign the Tide’s Turning

August 21st, 2018
With demand strong and supply weak, the housing market is overwhelmingly partial to sellers. The average homeowner is profiting $40,000 at resale (with decade-high returns in 2017), and higher in the hottest markets, where they’re attracting multiple offers in record...

It’s a Sellers’ Market—but Not for Millennials: Report

September 30th, 2018
Even as homeowners, millennials are drawing the short straw. According to the 2018 Zillow Group Report on Consumer Housing Trends, newly released, millennial sellers—even with the proverbial “upper hand”—are having to change their closing date or cut their list price....

New Data Finds Homeowners Struggle When Selling, Despite Hot Market

April 19th, 2018
Twelve days before Thanksgiving, Mark and Sue Meaney decided to put their 109-year-old house on the market. They looked at comps of similar-sized homes near their St. Paul neighborhood, agreed on a price with their agent and waited anxiously for...

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