Forging a Digital Frontier for Agents and Brokers

August 4th, 2022
Over the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to accelerate the digitization of the real estate transaction. Whether it is closing on a new home or beginning the search process, homebuyers—especially the emerging millennial generation—expect to be able...

Home Prices Continue Their Ascent

November 5th, 2021
The median home price for single-family properties and condos has increased to $294,488. And since the pandemic hit in March of 2020, there’s been significant property appreciation across the board, with home values increasing, on average, by more than $41,000,...

Home Prices Start Q4 Slower, but Just Slightly, Reveals Radian Home Price Index

November 22nd, 2021
In a repeat of the 2020 experience, after a very strong third quarter, home prices across the United States continued to climb in October, albeit at a slower pace than in September. Radian HPI rose at an annualized rate of...

Radian Home Price Index Reveals 2021 Hit Records Far and Wide

January 28th, 2022
Home prices rose nationally from the end of November 2021 to the end of December 2021 at an annualized rate of 15.9%, and December 2021 marked the tenth consecutive month in which month-over-month home prices rose more than 10% on...

Here’s Why It’s Time to Throw Away the CMA

April 20th, 2022
Despite innovation in nearly every other aspect of the real estate transaction—from online search to digital closings—the process of creating a comparative market analysis (CMA) hasn’t changed much in the last several decades. It remains a time-consuming and largely manual...

Company Spotlight: Adapting Your Business to the Changing Market

July 25th, 2022
Over the past few months, increasing mortgage rates have sent a seismic shockwave through the real estate market. After nearly two years of a non-stop homebuying frenzy, purchase activity is slowing down. Buyer pipelines are thinning out and listings are...

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