Paul Hindman

Uptick in Employee Cuts Expected in Lending Industry Amid Refi Drop

February 7th, 2022
After two years of an uncanny housing boom, forecasts are pointing toward a more stabilized housing market for 2022 as mortgage rates continue to climb along with home prices. While the return to seasonality hasn’t worried real estate professionals who... Looks to Right the Ship Amid Financial and ‘Culture’ Challenges

February 17th, 2022
It may be a long road ahead before things get better for In the months since the online mortgage company captured headlines for its notorious wave of December layoffs over a Zoom call, Better has continued to shed members...

Mortgage Market Strain Starts to Squeeze Major Players

May 16th, 2022
The boom of the mortgage industry has come and gone, and in its wake is a list of companies that have had to shed hundreds—if not thousands—of workers amid the disappearing refinancing market. While the result was expected based on...

Reverse Mortgage Market Rallies Amid Current Market Conditions

June 20th, 2022
As aging in place has taken hold among older generations, experts say that the current market conditions have laid the groundwork for what is already shaping up to be a robust reverse mortgage market. “With record levels of homeowners equity...

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