Data Finds Americans Moved Less During First Year of Pandemic

December 30th, 2021
You’re probably familiar with the headlines that suggest that the pandemic forced mass migration out of crowded cities. However, recent U.S. Census Bureau data indicates a contrary trend. Data released on Nov. 17 found that roughly 27.1 million Americans reported...

4 Potential Deal Killers You Can’t Afford to Ignore

January 10th, 2022
If you’ve watched the news recently, you’ve likely seen stories of remorseful homebuyers who waived a home inspection to get their offer accepted. Buyers who move into their new home and find themselves facing significant unforeseen expenses are not likely...

What You May Not Know About Moving

April 20th, 2022
Are you thinking about moving to a new city or state? If so, you should know a few things before making a move. Moving is stressful, so the better prepared you are upfront, the smoother it will go. Have a...
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