Fiscal Policy

Experts Are Eyeing a Recession in 2020—but It’s Not Why You Think

May 23rd, 2018
The economy is on a roaring run. Is a downturn imminent? Experts in housing are predicting a recession starting in 2020, according to Zillow’s 2018 Q2 Home Price Expectations Survey; however, they anticipate monetary policy—not the housing market—as primarily responsible...

Fed: Rates Increased for Second Time This Year

June 13th, 2018
As predicted by all officials, the Fed raised rates for the second time in 2018—from 1.75 percent to 2 percent. The remainder of 2018 and 2019 may see more gradual hikes, with analysts predicting two more increases by year’s end...

Fed Raises Rate for Third Time This Year

December 13th, 2017
The Federal Reserve acted as expected on Wednesday, increasing the key interest rate one-quarter percentage point for the third time this year. The action concludes a hastened 12 months for the policymaker, which raised the rate in March and June,...

Economic Forecast Hinges on Policy, Tax Reform

January 23rd, 2018
The economy could get a lift from tax reform, with homebuyers and homeowners likely having more income, but less in the way of write-offs, according to Fannie Mae’s Economic & Strategic Research (ESR) Group’s recently released Economic and Housing Outlook...

Fed Hikes Rates—How Many More Are to Come?

March 21st, 2018
The Federal Reserve carried out its first hike of 2018 on Wednesday, increasing interest rates one-quarter percentage point and leaving open the possibility of more raises this year. The action was anticipated by the market, which has been on a...

Rate Rises Again in Second of 3 Expected Hikes

June 14th, 2017
The Federal Reserve voted on Wednesday to raise the key interest rate one-quarter percentage point, ticking off the second of three hikes slated for this year. Analysts largely predicted the outcome, even as lagging inflation gave cause for concern. “In...

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