Down Payment Savings

Challenged by a Down Payment? The Easiest Markets to Save For

August 23rd, 2018
One of the biggest challenges for first-time homebuyers is saving. Coming up with a down payment is a hurdle for the majority of millennials, shows study after study—but, there are areas where the average earnings are enough to save sufficiently,...

Want to Save for a Down Payment? Skip the Pre-Wedding Shenanigans

August 13th, 2017
Would-be homeowners can easily plunk down savings for a home—if they forgo their friends’ one last hurrah before the big day. A recent report by Zillow reveals the cost of destination bachelor or bachelorette parties can equal up to one-third...

Apartment-Hoppers: Stay Put and Save

July 12th, 2017
Renters can save thousands of dollars by renewing a lease instead of moving to a new rental, according to a recently released analysis by Zillow—a golden opportunity to put savings toward a down payment on a home. Researchers arrived at...

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