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Vision – making investment goals a reality
Do you have a vision for owning residual, income-producing real estate properties? Well, so do we at 20/20 Real Estate… and we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. 20/20 Real Estate is a unique enterprise whereby we have developed a network which covers all aspects of residential turnkey property investment. The company has a unique (and rare) balance between ground and “street” real estate pros, with a professional and corporate overtone which oversees the entire organization. We have direct influence and controls over the entire process, allowing for streamlined and mass development of high yield, income-producing properties.


Local, National & International customers
Our integrated approach enables us to service all kinds of real estate buyers, wherever in the world they live – from first time or single investment property buyer, to high net worth bulk portfolio buyer. Asset Managers, Fund Managers and High Net Worth Investors who are finding it increasingly difficult to acquire bulk portfolios of performing assets at prices that can deliver a double digit return across the term – we can help!


NE Ohio
Our specialty is the delivery of refurbished, code compliant, tenanted and income producing suburban homes in the state of Ohio – with a heavy focus and concentration Cuyahoga and Summit counties (Cleveland & Akron). Property renovations have been undertaken with the reduction of short to mid-term maintenance liabilities in mind. We work closely in our development areas with a full service property management company which specializes in providing service to distant owners across the U.S. and in fact the entire world. The Mid-West is a popular target area for investors looking to a portfolio of cash flowing property. Purchase prices are still very affordable in the state of Ohio, specifically in the cities of Cleveland and Akron. Here rents are disproportionately higher than would be expected for such low priced property (Price vs Rent ratio).
The suburbs of Northeast Ohio attract real estate investors who are motivated by cash flow and who look to rent ordinary Mid-West homes to ordinary, hardworking Mid-West families – of which there are plenty.


Extraordinary opportunity. Providing ordinary homes for ordinary working families
We use the term “ordinary” because that’s in fact what we produce: opportunities which are normal, stable, and focus on fundamentals. Fully refurbished and tenanted homes are typically sold at 40-60% less than their peak market values and generate excellent ROI, many times in excess of 10%. Boring bungalows in boring suburbs with really nice people, plenty of jobs and employers, very little transiency, minimal threat of natural disasters, virtually no threat of massive market bubbles which burst your retirement plan wide open. ‘Good old’ boring, sustainable, profitable, and wealth-generating income properties produced by 20/20 Real Estate – “Your Vision. Our Expertise.”


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20/20 Real Estate: Your Vision. Our Expertise.